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Hermes P official website dumplings chest bag Manual details are the lever drop light original waterproof cloth has been sought after by many people 175 original quality physical shooting please tasting 991 models Size: W30xH24xD15

hermes replica bags have the top-grade high-quality grades are all imported special fabrics (developed by foreign special channels). The texture of the fabric is thick and delicate, the surface texture is bumpy and the pattern transition is smooth and clear. It is anti-wrinkle, waterproof and wear resistant. Summer is extremely dirt-resistant and winter will not burst due to low temperatures. All leather goods are made from carefully selected leather materials by experienced leather craftsmen, all made with selected materials in combination with traditional leather methods, in order to bring out luxurious natural materials, including highlighting the unique texture of each piece of material. Contrast between light and dark, not even hiding them.replica bagsreplica bags

This replica bags Imported special hardware, very resistant to fading, no rust, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, chemical resistance and anti-smoke. The raw material is brass, which has been subjected to multi-layer plating. After prolonged use and wear, it still maintains a noble symbol of gold. The surface of the hardware is shiny, smooth and dazzling. Each piece of hardware LOGO is laser engraved with imported laser engraving machine. This is an image of identity, so it is very particular.

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all these replica bags made by imported top layer cowhide, double top layer cowhide sewing. The top position of the brand-name bag is made of the first layer of cowhide as raw material to ensure the long service life of the bag. The skin texture is even and the pores are clearly visible. After a period of use, it will slowly oxidize into a waxy color, which is more high-grade. The leather edge has the original anti-counterfeiting line, with imported special coral red leather edge oil (LV unique nature). In addition, it is easy to wrinkle, the color loss after fixing and the change of gloss are all unique elements and characteristics of pure leather, not the poor quality or damage of leather. Pure leather has an opaque surface. Without anti-staining and water-repellent treatment, leather goods can maintain their own natural characteristics, especially their transparency and smoothness.

The replica bags body is made of 6-strand sewing thread, one stitch and one thread, which is not bad, the wiring is extremely uniform, and the bag is more durable. It is built by professional training technicians. The whole production process is made by hand. The masters have several years of manufacturing experience. Each person produces only 1-2 bags per day. The technical level of Kung Fu is extremely elegant, because we have to create the most perfect. product.