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replica handbags Chanel Backpack

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The western mainstream media also have a track record in reporting on China.
Not long ago, CNN reported the “replica handbags Chanel Backpack” of a Uighur woman named miriguri tursun.

Who confidently claime that 68 people were imprisoned in a space of 37 square meters .
And that replica handbags Chanel Backpack many people had died.

Last year, miriguri “” replica handbags Chanel Backpack” “her allege” “experience” “.And then As a witness before the U.S. congress.

Her testimony, though false, becme an important basis for U.S. senator .
Marco rubio and others to propose and promote the so-called Uighur human rights policy act.

After miriguri found to be completely lying.
CNN’s story about her still hung on its website and was repeatedly cited by other media.

The Turkish government has also blame China for recent western media reports that ayti.And then A prominent Uighur musician, died in prison in the second year of his sentence.

As a result, the latest video shows that aiti is replica handbags Chanel Backpack not only alive.
But living in such good health that he is baffle by his own death.

In an interview with Chinese media, adnan afarat, a representative of Turkey’s opposition party.And then Sad that this is a lie creat by western intelligence agencies.

Facts are the lifeblood of the replica handbags Chanel Backpack news media.
If the director’s story as news dissemination, what credibility?

This, western media person is not unknown.
But why did they make such serious mistakes .

And even become accomplices to conflicts, wars and murders?
Is replica handbags Chanel Backpack it ignorance, arrogance, ignorance, or ideology?

If we poke through the “replica handbags Chanel Backpack” .
That the western media boasts about the freedom of the press.

We can clearly see that some members of the western mainstream media are part of the social elite.
And their news values often reflect the worldview of the western elite.

Practicing interventionism abroad is part of it.
When covering the world, western media people tend to subconsciously consider themselves as the setters .

And defenders of the world’s standards of human rights and freedom.
They sometimes take a condescending attitude, mostly accusing and preachin.

And seldom treat others as equals and respect.
For example, in china-relate reports, some media have been clamoring .

For “replica handbags Chanel Backpack”, “China collapse theory” and other topics.