How to choose the last Hermes bag?

How to choose the last Hermes bag? From the classic to the entry-level Raiders (on) introduced two classic bags and an entry-level models, in fact, for the ladies who love Hermes, every package of Hermes is always worthy of their entry. And always classic style, but for women with limited budget, there is still a little guide to help them choose, so in the next episode, we will continue to recommend several Hermes bags worthy of help to help the world. Ms. make a choice!

▲Different from the bag shape of other Hermès series, Picotin Lock uses a generous barrel shape

4.Hermès Picotin Lock
The simple Picotin Lock has become more and more popular in recent years. Unlike the bag shape of other Hermès series, the Picotin Lock has a generous barrel shape and a small lock. It is decorated with just the right amount. Overall, it is simple. Complex. The bag was inspired by the original horse bag, and later it was a bit like a basket when mom went to the market, so it was called a vegetable basket! And because it is also extremely durable Hermes bag, it is very suitable for shopping, so many times into the list of “women’s shopping love bag”!

▲ Hermes Lindy handbag, first appeared in 2007, the name comes from the 1920 New York black area origin dance Lindy Hop

5.Hermès Lindy
Although Hermès Lindy is not as popular as Birkin and Kelly, it is also a very welcome and unique package in Hermès, because it is very light weight, and it is very practical to go out and go abroad. In fact, Hermes Lindy handbags first appeared in In 2007, the name came from Lindy Hop, a dance of the 1920 New York Black Zone. Because the limbs of this dance are very important, the elements on the side of the bag, so Lindy’s side is quite vivid. Of course, the Lindy shoulder strap design allows the handbag to have two different backs, which are younger and more fun.

▲Logo is very big, Constance is not low-key, and it can be the most eye-catching focus on the street.

6.Hermès Constance
One of Hermès’ classic bags was born in 1969. It is said that on the day the first bag was sold, the bag designer just liked a woman, so she named the bag with her child’s name. Currently, Constance is available in Micro, Mini, 24MM, Elan and Cartable sizes. Its logo is very big, it is not low-key, and it can be the most eye-catching focus on the street!

▲ Hermes Garden Party focuses on casual style

7.Hermès Garden Party
Hermès’s most pristine bag, featuring casual style, with soft leather and canvas, has a large capacity and is suitable for travel and leisure. The appearance is simple and simple, although it is not as noble and fashionable as Platinum and Kelly, it is also unique, but Hollywood female stars are the favorite shopping!

▲Evelyne bag, the design is very simple, the lines are smooth

8.Hermès Evelyne
Like all Hermes classic timepieces, the Evelyne bag is designed to be very simple and has a smooth line. The front of the bag is printed with the brand’s signature “H” letter in a hole-cutting way, making it easy to see at a glance. The shoulder strap makes this bag very comfortable to carry on the back.

▲Toolbox looks as strong as a milk box

9.Hermès Toolbox
The appearance of the Toolbox is as strong as the milk box, and the angles are as neat as the toolbox. The square is very nice. If you want to be unique, you can choose this one if you don’t like to hit the bag with others!

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