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High quality, new fashion, hermes replica uk and Tan Zhuo are the must-select autumn fashion items that are actually Ta?
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On August 28th, ERDOS (Ordos) 2018 autumn and winter big show appeared in Beijing Taimiao, in this national treasure-level cultural landmark presents a visual feast of fashion and culture collision. Miss YOKA also had the privilege of participating in this star-studded launch.


Mentioning ERDOS (Erdos) everyone lamented the exquisite workmanship and the delicate texture of cashmere. The big show held at Tai Temple is to turn cashmere into a medium of fashion art. It breaks the traditional way of cashmere and conveys the spirit of fashion and relaxed brand attitude with a new design language.

Looking at the whole show, I saw a new breakthrough in ERDOS (Ordos) in the exploration of cashmere. Not only the mix of materials, color collisions, but also the fashion of diverse tastes and culture into the fashion design. It not only covers the classical aesthetics of China, but also uses PVC material and cashmere for comparison and mixing. There is avant-garde fashion and there is no lack of fashion attitude.

In addition to the beautiful show, the red carpet before the big show is also star-studded.

The brand spokesperson hermes replica uk appeared on the red carpet with a silhouette shirt and patent leather shorts. The basic style of the mix and match breaks the conventional style and makes it easy to interpret the casual fashion.

The powerful actor Yuan Quan interprets the elegant woman with an irregular cashmere top and a retro Hepburn umbrella skirt.

The actor and the actor with equal weights appeared on a red carpet in a khaki checkered suit on Monday.

Recently, the great actor Tan Zhuo, who is loved by everyone, also appeared on the red carpet. Light color woven song coat with white velvet skirt romantic.

The popular model Jin Dachuan wears a custom cashmere series on a red carpet, and the minimalist shape interprets the light cashmere texture.

So many big names gathered in Taimiao, Miss Yoka is naturally going to seize the opportunity to chat with them~

Delicate cashmere texture and ingenious design. The ever-changing basic models have become the first reason why it has been worn by celebrity entertainers as the autumn and winter season. As the spokesperson of Erdos, hermes replica uk’s basic black cashmere sweater has a soft texture and is more like a close friend. She is warm and convenient for her long-distance travel.

“Ordos is as warm and bright as my sunshine in my mind~ I hope that the future cooperation can also bring new attitudes, new fashions and new ideas to everyone together with Ordos.”

As a natural clothes rack, it is natural to wear something that makes people feel comfortable. But for hermes replica uk, the texture and fabric of a piece of clothing is often the most attractive place. Erdos has always insisted on integrating cashmere into new fashions and integrating the touch of nature into quality life.

“A good dress is not very comfortable, but I don’t think it will make me feel at ease.”

hermes replica uk, who likes to be comfortable and comfortable, prefers a cashmere sweater when she buys autumn clothes. She likes the light texture and soft material of cashmere, which brings her warmth and brings her skin-friendly touch experience.

“If you buy autumn clothes, I must choose cashmere sweaters, cashmere sweaters, cashmere sweaters… N cashmere sweaters. Autumn is an alternate season. You need warmth and comfort. The weather is a bit cooler and can be worn outside. T-shirt: It can be tied to the waist or on the shoulder when the weather is hot. It is a better control item.”

I have seen hermes replica uk’s Weibo really find that whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can always see the figure of cashmere products, simple and still

Comfortable, well worn and versatile. Whether it’s with pants or skirts. Whether it’s a handsome route or a beautiful girl style, cashmere products have become her favorite item.

The free life has always been pursued by hermes replica uk. I will bring my most comfortable clothes when I go out, and the most basic ones in the closet are simple. The big cousin’s fashion wear cheats is the basic black and white ash mix, with a small area of ​​bright colors to embellish. This kind of wearing method that never fails is really super practical. The big cousin’s fashion wears cheats. Did the little fairies learn it?

In addition to the super cousin who wears and fashions Max, Miss YOKA is also fortunate to be with the nobles. As a strength actress Tan Zhuo, not only the recent drama works have attracted much attention, but also the fashion wear has its own unique taste.

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In short, the purse plays two roles for women:

A.Intimate lover

The hermes replica bag outside the door has a sense of sureness.If you don’t have a little weight on you, you’ll feel like you’re out of your mind.When women go from home to the outside world, it is the bag that gives them a subconscious emotional support.


If you open a woman’s purse, it will be a world of bewilderment and surprise to men.In small Spaces, a variety of personal items are displayed, or cluttered or neat.But on the outside, still a thousand charming, without a bit of jumbled and complicated feeling.Bao is like a girl’s best friend, who knows everything.

How to choose the last Hermes bag?

How to choose the last Hermes bag? From the classic to the entry-level Raiders (on) introduced two classic bags and an entry-level models, in fact, for the ladies who love Hermes, every package of Hermes is always worthy of their entry. And always classic style, but for women with limited budget, there is still a little guide to help them choose, so in the next episode, we will continue to recommend several Hermes bags worthy of help to help the world. Ms. make a choice!

▲Different from the bag shape of other Hermès series, Picotin Lock uses a generous barrel shape

4.Hermès Picotin Lock
The simple Picotin Lock has become more and more popular in recent years. Unlike the bag shape of other Hermès series, the Picotin Lock has a generous barrel shape and a small lock. It is decorated with just the right amount. Overall, it is simple. Complex. The bag was inspired by the original horse bag, and later it was a bit like a basket when mom went to the market, so it was called a vegetable basket! And because it is also extremely durable Hermes bag, it is very suitable for shopping, so many times into the list of “women’s shopping love bag”!

▲ Hermes Lindy handbag, first appeared in 2007, the name comes from the 1920 New York black area origin dance Lindy Hop

5.Hermès Lindy
Although Hermès Lindy is not as popular as Birkin and Kelly, it is also a very welcome and unique package in Hermès, because it is very light weight, and it is very practical to go out and go abroad. In fact, Hermes Lindy handbags first appeared in In 2007, the name came from Lindy Hop, a dance of the 1920 New York Black Zone. Because the limbs of this dance are very important, the elements on the side of the bag, so Lindy’s side is quite vivid. Of course, the Lindy shoulder strap design allows the handbag to have two different backs, which are younger and more fun.

▲Logo is very big, Constance is not low-key, and it can be the most eye-catching focus on the street.

6.Hermès Constance
One of Hermès’ classic bags was born in 1969. It is said that on the day the first bag was sold, the bag designer just liked a woman, so she named the bag with her child’s name. Currently, Constance is available in Micro, Mini, 24MM, Elan and Cartable sizes. Its logo is very big, it is not low-key, and it can be the most eye-catching focus on the street!

▲ Hermes Garden Party focuses on casual style

7.Hermès Garden Party
Hermès’s most pristine bag, featuring casual style, with soft leather and canvas, has a large capacity and is suitable for travel and leisure. The appearance is simple and simple, although it is not as noble and fashionable as Platinum and Kelly, it is also unique, but Hollywood female stars are the favorite shopping!

▲Evelyne bag, the design is very simple, the lines are smooth

8.Hermès Evelyne
Like all Hermes classic timepieces, the Evelyne bag is designed to be very simple and has a smooth line. The front of the bag is printed with the brand’s signature “H” letter in a hole-cutting way, making it easy to see at a glance. The shoulder strap makes this bag very comfortable to carry on the back.

▲Toolbox looks as strong as a milk box

9.Hermès Toolbox
The appearance of the Toolbox is as strong as the milk box, and the angles are as neat as the toolbox. The square is very nice. If you want to be unique, you can choose this one if you don’t like to hit the bag with others!

Because it is called the Hermes in the Hermes package?? Hermes Hermes home

Because it is called the Hermes in the Hermes package?? Hermes Hermes home

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