replica Chanel Boy Bag

replica Chanel Boy Bag — Chanel Boy Bag with Handle in Calfksin A94804-Dark Blue

replica Chanel Boy Bag
replica Chanel Boy Bag

Color:Dark Blue.And then Designer:Chanel.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Chanel Boy Bag with Handle in Calfksin A94804.
Shipping Size:Large.And then Size:W25XH15XD8(cm).

The Chanel Boy Bag with Handle grabbed everyone s attention a year ago from Chanel&rsquo s Metiers d’Art 2015 Paris-Salzburg collection.The Boy Bag has always had a a chain shoulder strap.That can be doubled to make the bag shorter if you choose.But I wanted to take a closer look at the top handle addition.I love the inclusion of the handle.It gives this bag a sophisticated touch but remains super cool and casual at the same time.I ve also been told the Boy Bag with Handle s shoulder strap is 6 inches longer.Which gives you the ability to truly wear this bag crossbody.Which many wish their Boy Bag would allow as well.

Overseas network on January 24, according to the kcna 24 reported.
At the invitation of the central committee of the communist party of China’s foreign liaison department.

By the workers’ party of Korea central political bureau member.
Vice chairman of the central committee of the Korean art delegation .
Led by ri su yong 23 afternoon left Pyongyang to visit China.
Scene/kcna scene/kcna.

According to kcna, the DPRK’s friendly art delegation is made up of .
The replica Chanel Boy Bag state choir for meritorious service and major artists in Pyongyang.

Kim ji-nam, Kim yo-jong, kwon he-bon.
Lee chang-gen and other officials of the central committee of the communist party of Korea.

Chinese ambassador to the DPRK li jinjun and embassy officials saw them off.
Scene photo/kcna scene photo/kcna.

At the invitation of the replica Chanel Boy Bag international liaison department .
The communist party of China (CPC) central committee, ri su-yong.

A member of the political bureau of the workers’ party of Korea (WPK) central committee.And then Vice chairman of the WPK central committee and minister of the international department.

The WPK led the DPRK friendship art troupe to visit China for performances from January 23.And then Xinhua repor on January 20.

Lieutenant general Mikhail Matveyevsky, head of the replica Chanel Boy Bag Russian army’s rocket.
And artillery forces, told the media that “Russia has developed a dedicated launch module for the 9M729 missile, which can hold four missiles, compared to two for the old model.”

Matt d yeah, explains that 9 m729 missiles than its predecessor.
530 mm long, so you need to upgrade “replica Chanel Boy Bag” missile system.

Itar-tass news agency said the 9 m729 missile is 9 m728 improvement model.
By Catherine novato, jack (Novator) research and development.

9 m729 has a larger equivalent warhead and higher precision, range, about 480 km.
The two common to most of the replica Chanel Boy Bag parts.

replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag

replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag—Gucci Medium Padlock GG Supreme Bee Shoulder Bag 409486 Coffee

replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag
replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag

Color:Coffee.And then Designer:Gucci.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Canvas with leather.
Product Name:Gucci Medium Padlock GG Supreme Bee Shoulder Bag 409486 Coffee.And then Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W30XH18XD7(cm).

Golden bumblebees-a now-iconic Gucci motif-buzz across the logo jacquard of a canvas shoulder bag secured with an archival lock closure. A sliding chain strap creates double top handles, or extends to a longer length for over-the-shoulder wear.

Push-lock closure.And then Pull-through chain strap.
Optional key case.And then Exterior slip pocket.
Interior zip and wall pockets.
Sueded microfiber lining.And then Canvas/leather.

After a series of replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag negotiations.
Between the United States and Russia on the inf treaty.

The United States announced on January 15 .
That it would withdraw from the treaty on February 2 because the two sides could not compromise.

In a last-ditch effort, Russia’s defense ministry has open its doors to military attnels and the media.
Unveiling for the first time the iskander M missile system and the 9M729 missile.
That the United States has accused of violating the inf treaty.

The U.S. has long claime that the iskander M carries a 9M729 missile.
With a range exceeding the inf treaty’s 500-kilometer range limit.

TASS makes this news conference the top story of its military edition (photo: TASS).And then “Iskander -m” missile system, americans think.

That the system can carry range up to 5500 kilometers of 9th m729 land-attack cruise missiles .
(image: Russian satellite news agency) “replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag” missile system.

Americans think that the system can carry range up to 5500 kilometers of 9th m729 land-attack cruise missiles. (image: Russian satellite news agency)

On January 23, the Russian ministry of defense a press conference in the “patriot” theme park.
And took the initiative to show the “replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag” missile system.
Which can be equip with four 9M729 missiles and store-launch integrat container.

Although the Russian side’s intention was obvious: to show the so-call “replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag”. Iskander M missile system to the international community.

But according to the sources, the Unit States did not participate in the news conference.And then It does not seem interest in learning about the 9M729 missile has been attack.

Russian deputy foreign minister sergei ryabkov sai on the same day that the us suspect.And then That the 9M729 missile violat the replica handbag Gucci Padlock Bag inf treaty.
And demand its complete destruction, which is totally unacceptable for Russia.

Ryabkov argue that the Unit States’ repeated accusations of iskander .
M missile systems were simply a pretext for no longer complying with the inf treaty.

replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag

replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag — Hermes Linda Bag 30 Togo Leather-Black

replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag
replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag

Color:Black.And then Designer:Hermes.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Hermes Linda Bag 30 Togo Leather.
Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W26XH16XD14(cm).

Hermes bag in togo leather.
Shoulder strap.And then Silver and palladium hardware.

Just days after americans honore civil rights leader Martin Luther King jr.
General motors has become the subject of a backlash from thousands of .
Internet users over alleged racial discrimination.

According to a CNN report on the replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag 21st.
There is serious racial discrimination in the factory of general motors in Toledo, Ohio.

At least nine g.m. employees recently file a lawsuit accusing the company of poor working conditions.
Hanging a noose featuring the replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag.
A group that represents racial discrimination in the U.S.

Two employees involve in the lawsuit told CNN that black workers were often threatened at the factory.
And that others often used extremely insulting terms like “replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag” .

And “monkey” or told them to “go back to Africa.”
Mr. Boyd, a black employee, sai he had been warn by white colleagues.

That his “father” was a member of the ku Klux Klan .
And that white employees wore shirts with Nazi symbols to work.

“If you had gone, you would have been burie,” a white employee once threatened him.And then Boyd report the replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag incident to his supervisor.

Boyd recall that the employee taken to a disciplinary hearing by a union employee .And then And a company leader, where he fully acknowledged what he had sai.

The lawsuit also states that Mr. Boyd and other workers of replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag color learn .
That white colleagues referre to them as “Dan” by a code word.

They initially thought it just that the colleagues din’t respect them enough to know their names.
But other colleagues later told them it was a slur, an acronym for “replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag.”

Mr. Boyd also reveal that being insulted with terms like “replica handbag Hermes Lindy Bag” .
Become part of the daily routine.

And that even white women who had just walked with him found their pizza boxes labeled “nigger lover.”
Boyd said when he reported the discrimination to his superiors, leaders left it up to them to deal with it.

Later, Brooks, another black employee.
Found a noose representing the ku Klux Klan at his workplace.

As the department’s only black employee.
Hhe believe it an attempt to intimidate him.
And the incident led Brooks and Boyd to finally make up their minds to leave gm.

replica Chanel Backpack

replica Chanel Backpack—Chanel Backpack A57570

replica Chanel Backpack
replica Chanel Backpack

Color:- Please select –
Designer:Chanel.And then Gender:Women.
Material:Cowhide leather.And then Product Name:Chanel Backpack A57570.
Shipping Size:Small.And then Size:W21XH19XD11(cm).

And technology and the deepening understanding of the moon.
Scientists began to realize the importance of lunar exploration.

Such as the replica Chanel Backpack moon as a transit station for deep space exploration.
And the use of the moon’s original landforms to increase the understanding of the earth.

And a wave of lunar exploration fever has slowly arisen.
The European space agency, esa 21, sai in a statement.

That it had reached an agreement with a European rocket manufacturer to land on.
The replica Chanel Backpack moon and establish a lunar base by 2025.

The European space agency will use the rocket maker’s rockets to carry equipment to the moon .
And to mine the lunar regoliths, the statement sai.

The lunar regolith is a mineral that can extract water and oxygen.
If a human or robot were to station on the moon in the future.

It could be useto produce fuel locally.And then Using the replica Chanel Backpack lunar base as a staging post for deep space exploration.

For example, during a mission to Mars.
The spacecraft could fly to the moon and then continue to Mars after resupply.

As part of building the lunar base, esa has said it plans to use lunar soil as a building materia.And then 3D printing for habitation pods.Melting ice in craters for water and using lunar soil as a food source.

Space exploration the moon is heating up.

Currently, many countries around the world have their own lunar exploration programs.And then China’s chang ‘e-4 lunar probe made its first soft landing on the far side .

The moon earlier this month, and more tests of key technologies are expect.
Including whether to set up a research base on the moon.

For a long time after the replica Chanel Backpack first moon landing in 1969.
Most countries suspend moon missions.
But in recent years, with the replica Chanel Backpack development of science.

The United States and Russia have both restarted lunar missions.
NASA plans to build a deep space port in lunar orbit around 2024.

Russia plans to launch its lunar 25 probe within two years.
Countries including Japan and India also have their own lunar exploration programs.

replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag

replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag—Hermes Kelly Bag 19 Epsom Leather-5-Black

replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag
replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag

Color:Black.And then Designer:Hermes.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Hermes Kelly Bag 19 Epsom Leather.
Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W19X12XD6(cm).

This limited edition Kelly has tonal stitching, a front toggle closure, a single rolled handle and an optional shoulder strap.The interior is lined with leather and has one open pocket on the back wall.

The gulf of replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag Aden stargate is wide open for alien attack.

In November 2010, a series of earthquakes hit the gulf of Aden.
The incident has receiv high attention from governments around the world.

And scientists have been dispatch to the site to investigate.
There was talk of a “replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag” in the gulf of Aden.

A “gateway to the rest of the replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag universe”.
Others further explained that the gate was a wormhole.

Wormholes are a way to travel through space and time in the universe.
Now the channel is replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag open.

In order to prevent the aliens from invading the earth from the inside.
The countries just sent the fleet to keep there.

Wang deng, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of astronomy at Shanghai jiaotong university.
That wormholes are narrow tunnels that may exist in .
The universe connecting two different regions of space and time.

Under the framework of general relativity.
Exotic materials that violate the zero-energy condition are generally requir to support.

Such special celestial bodies with extremely strong gravitational fields.
According to the theoretical hypothesis.

It is possible for matter to travel through the wormhole to .
Achieve instantaneous space transfer or time travel.

But until now, no evidence of replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag wormholes has been observ.
All speculation about the existence, nature, and time travel of wormholes is theoretical.

“The star gate in the gulf of Aden is just a series of earthquakes caused by pure geology.And then There is replica handbag Hermes Kelly Bag no need to link it with aliens.”
The king said the lamp.

Theoretical physicists also believe that to form a wormhole .
That can pass through a person or a spaceship, in theory.
You need a strange substance with a negative mass.

Or cosmic strings that span the entire universe.
With gravity as strong as a black hole but thinner than an atom.
Or a black hole with a radius of 1 light year or more.

A wormhole forme by a black hole that is too small can be perturbe by the material passing .And then Through it and quickly shut down.
It takes a wormhole of at least this size to withstand a human-size disturbance.

replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag

replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag—Gucci Broadway Leather Clutch 453778-Pink

replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag
replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag

Color:Pink.And then Designer:Gucci.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Gucci Broadway Leather Clutch 453778.
Shipping Size:Small.And then Size:W25XH16XD4(cm).

A chain clutch with allover pearl studs and metal bee detail. The striped body is highlighted with blue enamel .And red crystal stones and the wings are embellished with pearl effect studs.

White leather with pearls.
Metal bee with pearls and crystals.
Interior open pocket.
Detachable Sylvie nylon Web shoulder strap with 10″ drop.
Magnet closure.And then Silk lining.

Astronomers have reveal details of replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag .
A mysterious radio telescope in Canada that picke up signals from distant galaxies.
The British weekly nature report.

Many “replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag” link the incident to aliens with sensational headlines.
In fact, the so-call mystery signal is a rapid radio burst that has nothing to do with aliens.

Humans may inde have been lonely for so long, desperate to find their kind in the universe.
That they have been hunting for evidence of alien life from time to time.
So what have been the rumors about aliens these years?

Rumours that a.
Hawking claims aliens are no longer flesh and blood.

Indeed, the late British physicist Stephen Hawking spoke often about aliens.
And even took part in a project to find them.

“The older I get, the more I believe in extraterrestrial life.
And after a lifetime of curiosity, I set out to help a global project find evidence.

He sai of replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag breakthrough listen, which launch in 2016.
The breakthrough listening team hopes to use radio.
And optical technology to scour the entire Milky Way and 100 nearby galaxies for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

But the claim that “hawking sai aliens are no longer flesh and blood.
Comes from some media misunderstanding or distortion of hawking’s original intention.

The replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag idea originat in 2010.
When some media claim that hawking thought aliens might have evolved into “energy bodies”.

“Pure” energy body within this science fiction plot does not conform to .
The hawking view of life, in hawking’s website there is an article written in 1996 entitl .

Life in the universe”, in this article, hawking explicitly put forward his understanding of life.
There must be a drawing energy from the outside world and to its mechanism of available energy.”

Such a life form is not an “replica handbag Gucci Queen Margaret Bag” at all.
Because it is not an “entity” separated from matter in essence.

replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag

replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag —Chanel 31 Shopping Bag A57977 Black

replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag
replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag

Color:Black.And then Designer:Chanel.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Lambskin.
Product Name:Chanel 31 Shopping Bag A57977 Black.
Shipping Size:Large.And then Size:W37XH39XD8(cm).

US President Donald trump offer to provide temporary protection .
For about one million illegal immigrants in exchange for congressional Democrats’ permission .
Build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Congressional Democrats, led by house speaker Nancy pelosi, refuse.
The partial “replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag” of the us government.
Which began on December 22, marke a record 30th day of ineffectual negotiations.

Why what trump call a “replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag” reject?
What are the “butterfly effects” of the impasse on global markets?

On the evening of January 20, ding yifan.
A researcher at the national institute of strategic studies of tsinghua university.

And zhang hong, a financial commentator.
Visit the studio of CCTV financial review for in-depth analysis.

Why were “replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag” reject when dialogue and consultation faile?And then Ding yifan: the shutdown will continue for some time

Ding yifan, a researcher at the national institute for strategic studies at tsinghua university.And then Sai that President trump made a “replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag” in advance.

The White House speech, but ended up saying only temporary protection for illegal immigrants.And then Which may not satisfy the Democratic Party.

But achieved the effect of kicking the ball to the Democratic Party.
As head of government, trump takes the initiative in the confrontation.
He can say what to do, or what not to do.

And he can make demands on the replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag parliament.
Which has no executive power and has no alternative but to oppose.

IPO paralysis companies listed in the United States how to do?And then Background links: government shutdowns ripple through corporate ipos

As part of the shutdown.And then The replica Chanel 31 Shopping Bag securities .
And exchange commission has place thousands of employees on leave and stopp reviewing .

And approving all new and pending company registration statements, including proposed IPO applications.
So far, 20 Chinese companies have filtheir ipo prospectuses with the SEC.
According to agency statistics.

The failure of congress and trump to agree on a spending bill forc parts .
The U.S. government to shut down on December 22, 2018.
Affecting the work and lives of more than 800,000 federal employees.

And issue a warrant for replica Gucci Dionysus Bag her arrest on September 27, 2017.
After fleeing Thailand, Ms. Yingluck joined her exiled brother, thaksin shinawatra.

The siblings have been spot in Britain, Singapore, Japan.

replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag

replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag — Hermes Tan Evelyne Shoulder Togo II TPM Bag

replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag
replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag

Closure:A slim central flap with snap button closure.
Color:No.And then Designer:Hermes.
Dust Bags:Included as well are:Hermes care booklet and Hermes dustbag.
Exterior:Cowhide leather exterior with a large perforated H sign encircled in the front with snap button closure at the back,This Hermes Evelyne gives it a neutral touch,making it wearable with various outfits and hence being useful as a daily bag.
Gender:Women.And then Hardware:Hermes engraved polished white metal trimmings.
Interior:Leather lining with heat embossed Hermes Paris Made in France stamp.
Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Hermes Tan Evelyne Shoulder Togo II TPM Bag.
Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W17XH18XD5.5(cm).
Strap:A flat wide detachable leather shoulder strap.
Trimmings:Leather trimmings.

The Birkin bags are handmade in France by expert artisans. The company’s signature saddle stitching, developed in the 1800s, is another distinctive feature. Leathers are obtained from different tanners in France, resulting in varying smells and textures.

Leather lining.
A large open flat pocket in the rear exterior.
Hermes engraved polished metal trimmings
A flat wide detachable leather shoulder strap.
Cowhide Leather.And then Cowhide leather trimmings.
A slim central flap with snap button closure.

Syria’s capital anti-aircraft missile responds to state media call of ‘replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag’.

A series of explosions heard over the Syrian capital Damascus at around 1am local time on January 21.And objects were visible to the naked eye.

The anti-aircraft missile response last about an hour.
Syria’s official news agency says its air defense system has shot down .
A number of replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag hostile targets in the direction of Lebanese airspace.

The idf confirm on social media that it had launch an operation against Iranian targets.And then That night and sai it had “warne the Syrian military not to attempt to endanger .
The replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag Israeli military and territory”.

According to the official Syrian news agency.And then The Syrian air defense system intercept .

The replica handbag Hermes Evelyne Bag Israeli air strike . the southern region of Syria on the afternoon of January 20 local time, preventing it from hitting any target.

The U.S. government has been out of action for 30 days after Democrats refus to vote on.And then A budget bill that includes more than $5 billion for a border wall.

Trump has ask for $5 billion to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.
Which he sees as a major achievement in his bid for re-election in 2020.

While Democrats, who hold a majority in the house of representatives.
Have agreed to provide only $1.3 billion.




replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag

replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag—Gucci Ophidia bucket bag 503886 Red

replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag
replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag

Color:Red.And then Designer:Gucci.
Gender:Women.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Gucci Ophidia bucket bag 503886 Red.
Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W24XH34XD14(cm).

[global times Egypt correspondent qu xiangyu] “shame!
The replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag Israeli foreign ministry issued a statement Monday.

Criticizing the Malaysian government for refusing to issue visas to .And then Israeli athletes and preventing them from competing in the world championships.

The Israeli foreign ministry said in a statement that the government’s .
Disgraceful decision runs counter to the Olympic spirit.”

The decision was taken, no doubt.
By the “replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag” of the prime minister, mahathir mohamad.

The foreign ministry call on the ipc to “replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag .
ACTS of the Malaysian side” or “change the venue of the games”.

Malaysia’s new straits times report that mahathir media last week that .
Does not recognize the state of Israel and that issuing visas to israelis violates Malaysian law.

On June 16, Malaysian foreign minister safin said publicly .
That the Malaysian cabinet has made a decision that .And then Malaysia will not host any large-scale activities and projects involving.

Israeli representatives in the future, and will not allow .
Israeli representatives to enter Malaysia to participate in large-scale .
Activities and projects of any level and scale.

On the same day, Malaysia’s deputy minister of you.
And sports, shen zhiqiang, said Malaysia would not allow Israeli athletes to enter the countr.And then A protest against Israel’s continued oppression of the Palestinian people.

The 2019 world disabled swimming championships, scheduled for 29 July solstice and 4 August.And then Is a qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo paralympics.

The ioc said it was “replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag” by the announcement .
But would continue to communicate with the local organising committee.

As a muslim-majority country, Malaysia has always firmly support. And then Palestine on the issue of Palestine and Israel.

It does not establish formal diplomatic relations with Israel .
And does not allow Israeli citizens to enter the country or .

The country without permission unless special permission is obtained in advance.And then Nor is it the first time Malaysia has taken this political stance on sport.

Reuters report that Dr Mahathir had a long history of grievances against Israel.
As far back as 1970, he described jews as “replica handbag Gucci Ophidia Bag” in a book.

replica Chanel 2.55 Bag

replica Chanel 2.55 Bag—Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag A01112

replica Chanel 2.55 Bag
replica Chanel 2.55 Bag

Closure:Padlock rotary buckle.
Color:No.And then Designer:Chanel.
Dust Bags:Chanel dustbag and Chanel authenticity.
Exterior:Cowhide leather exterior,a striking color .And an even more stunning design,make this clutch an instant attraction.
Gender:Women.And then Hardware:Polished brass trimmings.
Interior:Lambskin.And then Material:Cowhide leather.
Pockets:Two open flat pockets.
Product Name:Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag A01112.
Shipping Size:Medium.And then Size:W25XH17XD6(cm).
Strap:Metal link chain strap with leather support.
Trimmings:Leather trimmings.

You don’t want me to give a speech, I let you go!
President Donald trump and house speaker Nancy pelosi have put on a tit-for-tat show.

The New York times report that pelosi issue an open letter on social media on January 16.
Suggesting that trump postpone his state of the union address schedul for February 29.
Citing security problems caus by the shutdown.

Less than 24 hours after the replica Chanel 2.55 Bag incident, trump hit back.
White House press secretary Sarah sanders tweet out trump’s letter to pelosi.

The President use his authority as the top U.S. military commander to prevent pelosi and her delegation of lawmakers from visiting U.S. troops in Afghanistan by demanding .That military aircraft be grounded, citing a partial government shutdown.

Trump also suggest that replica Chanel 2.55 Bag pelosi stay in the Unit States and continue border .And then Security negotiations with herself to end the government shutdown as quickly as possible.

As the speaker of the house of representatives is replica Chanel 2.55 Bag .
“The third in line to the President of the United States,”.

There are certain procedures and guidelines for foreign trips, the BBC sai.
And the trip is to the still-unstable Afghan front.

So pelosi will need to travel by military plane.
The group, which had arrive at joint base Andrews in a us vehicle.

Aghast at Mr Trump’s letter and not know what to do.
In the end, they had to turn back.

Lawmakers expressed outrage that the secret visit made public and that it was not made public.
Even senator lindsey graham, a staunch trump ally.
Couldn’t take it anymore, saying “it’s worse to respond to naivety with naivety.”

But later Thursday, the White House also announc.That trump had cancel plans to send Treasury secretary Steven mnuchin.Secretary of state John pompeo and others to Switzerland for the 2019 world economy BBS.

A White House spokesman also said all future official visits by lawmakers.
Including congressional delegations, will be canceled until the shutdown ends.